We provide the Equipment Financing Solutions your company needs to either Grow your current company or Start your new business?
Can be used to purchase New and Used Equipment
Partner with us to provide fast and reliable financing to your clients.
Cash Flow is a vital for a Business to grow and thrive. We have working capital solutions insure your business runs efficiently
Yes, We can Finance and Insure your Equipment Assets. Our Commercial Insurance Department understands the needs of Equipment owners and we're ready to protect your New and Used Equipment Assets.


Logistics through innovation, dedication and technology

General Liability

Sometimes goods can arrive early
when they are being brought into the country.

Auto Liability

Proactively envisioned multimedia based
expertise and cross-media growth strategies.

Hired/Non-Owned Liability

Completely synergize resource taxing
relationships via premier niche markets.

Non - Trucking Liablity

In accordance with your needs, we organise
domestic and international deliveries of collective.

What is Factoring ?

Factoring helps small businesses raise capital by selling receivable accounts or receipts to a commercial finance company called “Factor”. The goal is for you to receive quick cash for your business while waiting for customers to pay.

Factoring is very common in some industries, such as the garment industry, where long maintenance is part of a viable business.

How is factoring different from business loans?

Factoring is not a business loan – it is the sale of an asset (receipt). Basically, the element is buying the right to deposit on the invoice. When it is paid, you will get a discount of minus 2 to 6%. The element will pay about 75% of the invoice, and the rest will remain after it is deposited on the invoice.

So, how does factoring work?

Because factors are paying your customers an invoice, they are more concerned with your customers’ financial status. Factoring companies will collect directly from your customers and you may need to verify your customers’ payment dates. If your business has reliable customers, factoring can help your business grow to the forefront.

The biggest benefit of factoring is the rapid growth of working capital, as many factoring companies will pay for your receipts within 24 hours. Since factoring is not a loan, you do not borrow the money you receive.

What are the other options for financing a business?

However, factoring is usually a short-term solution. Achieving one percent of your profits is not always the best way to sustain or grow your business. Unlike a line of credit, business factoring provides you with working capital at a time, not permanent access to the funds you need.


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